Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Drive

Chris and Finnegan Driving
South Carolina
May 15, 2023

 Chris and I completed another successful trip from South Florida to Maryland yesterday. 

I decided not to try and publish Monday Musings because I had a car strapped to my bottom for roughly 16 hours. 

The trip began at 11:58 PM on Mother's Day and ended at about 3:40 PM yesterday when we made our first stop to drop off Riordin, our cat, who is bunking with Jeremy while we are here in Maryland. I will endeavor to visit him almost every day. It took him almost two weeks to get back to normal after he stayed alone with only daily visits from a friend while we were last in Maryland. 

Both Finnegan and Riordin were great travelers on the trip. Riordin only asked to be out of his carrier on one occasion, to relieve himself, and then was happy to curl up inside of his safe place for the remainder of the trip. 

We made only four stops during the trip. Two were for gas (my truck has great range), one was for lunch, and the other was at a rest area for a break. We stocked the car with snacks and beverages to assist in minimizing stops. I figure the four stops totaled about an hour and we lost another hour from Northern Virginia around D.C. and on I-95 to Elkridge. Even in the early afternoon, traffic was snarled.

Well, the trip is done and we can begin the business of being here in Maryland to visit family, friends, wineries, attend graduations, baseball and whatever else comes our way. We are here until mid-June when we will make the trip south. We are considering a two-day return trip and if so, I want to stop near Exit 102 in Georgia for the night to visit the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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