Friday, May 5, 2023

Cinco de Mayo 2023

 Another Cinco de Mayo has arrived and with it the celebrations even though most are unaware of the history. 

Although a minor Mexican celebration and very regional, Cinco de Mayo kept the French from entering the U.S. Civil War to assist the South, thereby preserving the Republic. That is the quick, Bob history. 

Important safety tip: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day which is celebrated on September 16th! has a number of papers about Cinco de Mayo. I have linked one discussing the impact on the U.S. Civil War. Have a read. 

I am planning a more subdued Cinco de Mayo. But, I am going to be celebrating. Cinco de Mayo is one of the few celebrations where I enjoy Mexican-themed adult beverages in place of wine. 

In other news, regarding my Dad--he has moved to a rehab facility after successful surgeries and will be there a couple weeks before returning to my sister's home, outside of Houston, where he lives. Thank you to all who expressed their concern. His continued recovery provides an extra reason to celebrate today.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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