Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Geese in the Grass

Goose Family on an Outing
Odenton, MD
May 16, 2023

 One of the advantages of being back in Maryland for the late-Spring, is the ability to enjoy the animals as they tend their youngsters. Near us is a rainwater runoff pond which has a lot of duckweed and is the daily feeding location for two pairs of Canada Geese and their goslings.  There are eight goslings between the two groups. Three older ones and five younger. The geese are not nesting around the pond, they actually nest in another pond and walk through the forest every day. They spend the day feeding at the pond near us. 

I check on the two families throughout the day, counting the goslings. Sometimes they come outside the fence surrounding the pond, as they did yesterday. There are actually four geese in the image. The two parents are close together. 

We are careful not to disturb the families. The pond also hosts other visitors, one of which is a large groundhog. It is humorous to see him running up the hill when people approach. He gets to the top and then looks back to see if he is being chased, which he is not. 

Today, we are planing our first bike ride. We will be joining Patrick and Jen and friends for a ride around the BWI Loop. Surprisingly, I never ride the loop last summer as I was too busy downsizing our house and selling it. 

So we have another busy day planned and are already enjoying our time in Maryland.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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