Sunday, May 28, 2023

Free Fallin

Free Fallin
Big Cork Vineyards
Rhorersville, MD
May 28, 2023

 Saturday was concert night. Last evening we went with friends to Big Cork Vineyards for the Summer Concert Series. The featured band was Free Fallin, a Tom Petty tribute band. It was a beautiful evening for an outdoors concert. As the concert progressed, the sky began to become a visual experience of its own. Combined with the music of Tom Petty, the evening became a visual and auditory experience to enjoy.

The band hails from Minnesota and has been together for 17 years playing Tom Petty music. I have to admit, I am not a huge Tom Petty musical fan, however, the music on the lawn of the winery last evening was enjoyable and during the second set the band played the greatest hits of Tom Petty. I admit, I knew the tunes, but not all of the words so I used my phone to access the lyrics so that I could sing along.

The band has an authentic Tom Petty sound and look. They connected very well with the assembled masses on the lawn. Big Cork is a beautiful venue for concerts and, being a vineyard, the wine flows freely. There were food trucks for those who desired some food and I enjoyed the ice cream truck which I sampled during the intermission.

It was a great evening with friends in the Maryland Mountains under a stunning late-Spring sky. It was also the perfect way to begin a holiday weekend.

I recommend the band and the music. If they play at a venue near you, go see them if you like even one Tom Petty song! You will come away appreciating the music even more. It was a great evening.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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