Sunday, April 23, 2023

Super Saturday

Clouds from the North Fork Loxahatchee River Bridge
Tequesta, FL
April 22, 2023

Saturday arrived and I admit that it felt like a weekday. I have trouble distinguishing weekdays from weekends anymore. I placed a call to an insurance company and was surprised when they advised me to call back during normal weekday business hours. 

I began the day by enjoying a pleasant almost 22 mile bike ride through Tequesta and Jupiter. As I stopped on the Loxahatchee River North Fork Bridge in Tequesta, I took an image of the scene looking North. The reflections of the clouds on the water caught my eye, like an impressionist era painting. 

Perhaps I was more attuned to the view as it was Earth Day. It was also at about the 20 mile mark of my ride and I was a bit tired. April has been a light riding month. The almost two weeks spent in Maryland with no biking has reduced my miles ridden. When Chris and I return to Maryland next month we are taking our bikes with us. I have a number of trails that I want to ride. 

Jupiter Island Beach
Jupiter Island, FL
April 22, 2023
For the evening, Chris and I went to the beach for a walk. We were not sure what we would find with the sargassum, but the beach was not badly covered. We found optimist fishermen and boys enjoying the cool afternoon breeze while wondering why they were not catching any fish. We noticed significant beach erosion and there is an 8 foot wall at the base of the dunes. Fortunately the stairs come down to the current beach level. We both wondered how the sea turtles were going to find a suitable location to lay eggs. 

We enjoyed the walk on the beach, with Finnegan, as a way to close out the day. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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