Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sitting by the River


Pelican at The Square Grouper
Jupiter, FL
April 28, 2023
Chris and I met friends at The Square Grouper Friday evening for Happy Hour. We have not been frequenting the Grouper much lately because their prices are too high and they do not have Happy Hour pricing. 

The treat of the evening was the large pelican preening just outside the fence. Once finished with preening, took a nap remaining in the same spot the entire time we were at the Grouper. The pelican did not seem to mind as I walked up to take an image, even though we were only about 8 or so feet apart. It seemed to understand that I could not cross the fence. 

We enjoyed another beautiful South Florida evening even knowing that thunderstorms were coming, but they would arrive later. Sitting by the Loxahatchee River looking at the Jupiter Lighthouse is always enjoyable. We left the Grouper before the evening storms arrived.

We are in the South Florida cycle of beautiful days and stormy evenings. Last evening's storm was a real "gully-washer." It rained so hard that water began collecting on our patio. Chris and I sat outside watching the rain and the lightening while enjoying some adult beverages as I began grilling dinner. The screen we installed to protect the patio area from bugs provides some protection from the rain. We even enjoyed seeing some light hail land in the yard. 

And the weekend is only half over! We still have all day today! I wonder what trouble will come our way?

As an aside, we continue to monitor the recovery of my Dad after surgery to restore blood flow to his right leg. My sister in Houston is on point and doing a great job making decisions and keeping the family informed of his progress and the series of smaller surgeries to complete the process. Chris and I have talked to Dad and he seems in good spirits. We will likely be heading to Houston during late-June as he is completing rehab to provide assistance.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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