Saturday, April 15, 2023

Pollen and Baseball

Pollen on the Pond
Odenton, MD
April 14, 2023

 I was shocked yesterday as I looked at the pond near Nicole's home and noticed the thick layer of pollen floating on the water. It is no wonder my allergies are running rampant. The incredible amount of pollen in the air is a good reason to stay inside, but the problem is that the weather has been so idyllic that I want to be outside. Thankfully, Claritin keeps my allergies in check so that I can be outside. 

Jackson gets a Hit
Glen Burnie, MD
April 14, 2023
I was outside in the pollen attending the Arundel Junior Varsity Baseball Team's game in Glen Burnie last evening. It was the third game of the week, but fortunately the weather has made attending the games very pleasant. 

Last evening's game was a rout, sadly, as Arundel pounded the undermanned Glen Burnie team, 25-1. I felt very bad for the Glen Burnie team as they were clearly outmatched. Even though the game ended after 5 innings due to the mercy rule, it still took well over 2 hours to complete. I was impressed with the Arundel coaches who recognized during the 5th inning with the game in hand that Glen Burnie was out of pitchers. With the bases loaded, as they had been for most of the top of the 5th inning, and a 24-run lead they allowed Glen Burnie to get an easy third out to end the inning and the bleeding. I actually heard the Glen Burnie manager yell "Thank you" after the play. Long before that, during the inning, Arundel had stopped aggressively running the bases to keep from running up the score. Glen Burnie was retired quickly in the bottom of the inning to end the game. It was demoralizing for the Glen Burnie players who only had 11 players compared to Arundel's 19. Not a deep bench.

The entire Maryland family, along with a family from Ithaca attended the game and were treated to Jax getting a hit and playing in the field. I am getting a bit better with my camera and recorded the hit. It was good that everyone made it to the game. Since we have moved to Florida, we have had fewer opportunities to gather together to celebrate. 

After the game many of us gathered at Nicole's and enjoyed pizza while watching, of course, the Orioles once again come from behind in the late innings to win a baseball game. The Orioles are tied for third place in the AL East with the Yankees. The are also tied for 5th place in the American League with the Yankees and the Guardians.

And what is on tap for today? 

Baseball! Outdoors! Pollen! And Happy Hour with friends.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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