Friday, April 28, 2023

If it is "Friday-eve", we must be golfing

Turtle on the 7th Hole
Jupiter Dunes Golf Course
April 28, 2023

 Thursday has become our golf outing day. 

Chris and I headed off to the local course for a round yesterday morning. We were lucky to get out early, while the temperature was in the 70s, because by the time we finished, it was well into the 80s and we could feel the heat. It was also lunchtime. 

Chris had a good game, but I turned in another less than desirable performance. My putter let me down. I missed a lot of very makable putts. That is how it goes some days.

Turtles across from the 16th Tee Box
Jupiter Dunes Golf Course
April 27, 2023
Yesterday must have been turtle day on the golf course. That was likely due to the bright sun and warm temperatures. It seemed as if the turtles were everywhere. The most turtle were seen just past the Tee-box on the 16th hole. Most of the turtles sought cover after I managed to hit my ball just over their heads onto the fairway. It was not a "worm burner" but it was almost a turtle decapitator. Fortunately, no animals were harmed during the round of golf.

Chris and I walk this course when we play. By the time we ended the round we were tired, hungry (it was noon), hot, and of course sweaty. But, we felt good!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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