Monday, January 3, 2022

Monday Musings - January 3, 2022


1. Congratulations, the first Monday of 2022 has arrived. There are 51 Mondays remaining in the year.

Blowing Rocks
Jupiter Island, Jupiter, Florida
January 2, 2022
2. I am in Florida, not on a cruise as originally planned, but missing the first snowstorm of the season in Baltimore. What could possibly be bad about that?

3. Family Sports Weekend Results


        Ravens (8-8) lose to Rams (12-4), 19-20

        Cowboys (11-5) lose to Cardinals (11-5), 22-25

        Washington (6-10) lose to Eagles (9-7), 16-20

        Steelers (7-7-1) play Browns (7-8) tonight


        Penguins (18-8-5) defeat Sharks (17-15-1), 8-5

    Premier League

        Arsenal (11-2-7) lost to Manchester City (17-2-2), 1-2

4. I can hear trains from my condo. They pass multiple times per day and remind me that goods and services are still moving around the country.

5. This is the first actual workday of my retired life. While it is not exactly what I had planned, I think I am going to get used to it. 

6. It is going to be cooler here today with highs in the upper 70s. I can definitely enjoy not being farther north. 

7. Today in History. On January 3, 1990, Panama’s General Manuel Antonio Noriega, after holing up for 10 days at the Vatican embassy in Panama City, surrenders to U.S. military troops to face charges of drug trafficking. Noriega was flown to Miami the following day and crowds of citizens on the streets of Panama City rejoiced. On July 10, 1992, the former dictator was convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering and racketeering and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Omicron’s impact better measured by rising hospitalizations than cases, Fauci says - The Washington Post

Heavy snow in the D.C. area this morning, with roads turning hazardous - The Washington Post

Twitter permanently suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account over covid-19 misinformation - The Washington Post

Stock Futures Rise, But Investors See Rocky Year Ahead - The Wall Street Journal

Omicron Takes Toll on Businesses, From Airports to Supermarkets - The Wall Street Journal

China and Russia Military Cooperation Raises Prospect of New Challenge to U.S. Power8 min read - The Wall Street Journal

Omicron-related disruptions cause over 4,000 flight cancellations to kick off 2022 - Reuters

South Korean crosses armed border in rare defection to North - Reuters

Daily COVID cases in Saudi Arabia above 1,000, continue to climb in UAE - Reuters

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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