Saturday, January 29, 2022

A Top 10 Happy Hour

Carlin Park Beach
Jupiter, FL
January 28, 2022
Happy Hour at the beach last night was one of the most unique adventures that I have lately enjoyed.

The evening almost did not happen because the temperature was cool and the winds were blowing. Both Chris and I believed that it would be too windy and cold to enjoy time on the beach watching the waves.

We were wrong. 

At almost the last minute we decided to meet friends at the beach for Happy Hour--an early one about 3:30 PM. Why early? Because I'm retired and I can!

It turned into an incredibly enjoyable event. 

The weather was milder on the beach than anticipated because the bright sun kept us warm despite the constant breeze. But that was not the best part. First off, the waves were magnificent. They were curling and breaking just offshore like waves we have seen in California and Hawaii. And there were surfers enjoying the rough seas despite the red flag warnings posted on the lifeguard stands. 

As a reminder of how rough the water was, one of the surfers was smashed onto the shore by a wave. He shook the collision with the beach off, but his surfboard was not so lucky as it was broken in half.

Friday Evening Beach Wedding
Carlin Park Beach
Jupiter, FL
January 28, 2022
But wait, there's more!

As if the activity of the waves and surfers were not enough, a wedding occurred behind us complete with music, vows, attendants, and witnesses. It was an intimate affair and we were fortunate to be able to enjoy the activity. 

I thought the wedding set-up was well done and thought out. We had met the three-year old ring-bearer in the parking lot as he was throwing a fit because he had to wear a bowtie. He later departed, mid-ceremony, to chase a seagull and had to be shepherded back by his mother.

We enjoyed watching the activity and celebrated with the invited guests when the couple was pronounced married. 

This Happy Hour was high up there on the list of top 10 Happy Hours!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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