Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Coincidence? I Think Not!

Jupiter Lighthouse
Jupiter, Florida
April 2, 2018
There are some weird similarities between my northern and southern homes in terms of locations and landmarks. 

I never really thought about it until the other day when I realized that my favorite Florida landmark, which is less than a mile for my condo, the Jupiter Lighthouse was designed and constructed by one each General George G. Meade

In Maryland, I live close to a military installation named for the same General George G. Meade. While the installation is not as nice to look at as the Jupiter Lighthouse, it is a significant landmark in the area. 

But wait---there's more!

My Maryland home is situated between I-95 and US 1. Of course in Maryland where I live two roads are fairly close together, about 4,000 feet. My Florida home is similarly situated between I-95 and US 1, but the roads are roughly 4 miles apart. 

Still--how weird is it that I am situated between the two roads and near landmarks built or named for General George G. Meade? 


I'm not sure, but life can be a series of coincidences that turn into great outcomes. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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