Thursday, December 9, 2021

Shopping Panic Grows


I don't know if anyone else is having "shoppers block" this year, but I definitely am. I cannot think of the perfect gift for the people on my shopping list. I actually think that is happening to a lot of other people due to the number of gift cards that are being purchased. 

I troll Amazon looking for ideas and draw a blank. I have not really had time to hit the shopping mall--except once and then Chris and I arrived after 7pm and most of the stores were closed. Who does that during the Christmas shopping season? It was very strange to walk around a shopping mall during what used to be prime shopping hours and have it mostly deserted. Only the anchor stores and the Apple Store were open. No wonder people are shopping on line. We had been to dinner at a restaurant on the mall's periphery and decided to knock-out some shopping afterwards only to be thwarted. 

So I am stymied. I have some ideas, but I am failing at execution. 

And this morning I realized that there are only two Fridays remaining until Christmas! It is really hard when Christmas is at the beginning of a weekend! I lost a weekend's worth of shopping opportunity. I feel as if there should be 15 shopping days until Christmas, but with shipping times there are really only about 6. Ugh!

OK, it is officially time to panic!!!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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