Sunday, December 5, 2021


Snow Thrower in the Yard
Elkridge, MD
December 4, 2021

 After I finished removing the leaves from the yard yesterday,  it was time to get the snow blower out of the shed and ensure that it is prepared to face the Winter season ahead. 

Winter starts in just over two weeks and it can be a real problem to retrieve the machine from the shed when it has snowed. Having the snow blower out and ready is much preferred. 

Once I had wrestled it out of the shed and had it sitting in the newly leaf-free yard, I noted how the scene seemed strange--a snow blower sitting in a grassy yard on a warm late-Autumn day. 

The good news was that apparently I had properly stored it for the season as it started easily and ran smoothly. Of course, I could not check the snow blowing capability as there was, thankfully, no snow. Snow, however, in the forecast for Wednesday and it might mark the first use of the season. 

I hope not! But I am ready.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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