Saturday, December 18, 2021

Friday--the Last

 Yesterday was a significant day. It was the last Friday that I will be working. The next two Fridays are holidays "observed"--and so the 17th was the last time I will enjoy announcing to my coworkers that it is Friday. 

As a solace, I still retain two opportunities to announce Happy Friday Eve--for the two Thursdays remaining in the month. And I know there are coworkers, and former coworkers, who cringe every Thursday when I attempt to get into the weekend mindset a day early.

Well, it's over now. There are just 8 work days remaining in my career and two of those are likely going to be abbreviated while another one or two will be filled with retirement celebrations. 

People ask me if I'm excited. 


Do I have some nervousness? Yes.

Chris and I have been planning my retirement for two years, so we are executing a plan that we have developed and refined for a while now. It is not like it is a knee-jerk retirement.

The last Friday at work is over and the future is in front of me!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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