Thursday, November 4, 2021

Turkeys Arise

Last Year's Turkey w/Mask

 The season of the Turkey has arrived.

No--it is not yet the Christmas season! Hold off on the tacky Christmas ornaments for a few more weeks. It is time to give thanks for the bounty and blessings of the year. 

And what a year it was! 

The deployment of the COVID vaccine has helped us struggle to return to pre-COVID normalcy. I expect an unmasked Thanksgiving this year as the entire family is vaccinated! Anyone who remains unvaccinated is not reading the science and somehow believes their medical degree is superior to those in positions to make these decisions. Wait1 You don't have a medical degree? You are getting you are taking your medical advice form Fox News? OK--let's see how that plays out.

We survived an insurrection. Call it what you will, revise history however you want--it was an insurrection.

The longest war in American history ended. It was an ugly end to an ugly war, but it is over. Frankly, I've never seen so many people unhappy about ending a war, especially one with no end in sight and which was draining the treasury.

We survived the 17 year cicadas. The bugs proved once again which species really owns the planet.

The Orioles got the first pick in the draft!

And so much more. It should be a great Thanksgiving. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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