Friday, November 12, 2021

November Rose


Rose in the Yard
Elkridge, MD
November 11, 2021
Chris and I were putting up the outdoor Christmas lights--something we try to get accomplished every Veterans Day, and spied a few lonely rose blossoms remaining in the garden. They seemed out of place for November as roses are not normally associated with late-Autumn.

The roses were a late season gift for the us to enjoy before the dark days fully arrive. They were starkly brilliant against the already browning grasses of the yard which are rapidly preparing for the cold and snow which is yet to come. 

And yet, by putting up Christmas lights we were preparing to light up our small portion of the world with cheer as the shortest days of the year prepare to descend upon us. Today is is raining and we are both happy that we completed the lights yesterday as the roof will be slippery today. We do not actually power on the lights until the official start of the Christmas season--Black Friday, but they are ready.

And all of this because a few lonely roses were blooming in our garden.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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