Friday, November 19, 2021

Revenge and Retribution

 I watched this week as our Congressional leaders engaged in unhealthy tactics and make threats against the future that clearly demonstrated how far they collectively have fallen from a standard which could in any way be considered civil.

Maybe they all need to get back out into the real world, yes there is life outside of the Capitol, and reacquaint themselves with what it takes to be successful in business and life. 

And to be clear--I am not focusing on one side of the aisle. There is plenty of virulence to go around.

The Washington Post reported on the situation surrounding the Paul Gosar censure vote as follows:

As we wrote after Wednesday’s vote, the situation also led to the latest entry in the GOP leadership’s growing efforts to combat such things by threatening retribution — even to exploit the supposed new standards by stretching them further. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) spoke at length on the House floor likening the situation to controversial comments by certain House Democrats and suggested that Republicans, once in the majority, could also strip them of their powerful posts.

“A new standard will continue to be applied in the future,” he concluded.

While the House Minority Leader may think he is galvanizing his political base, worlds like these cannot be tolerated and are simply appalling--especially considering the circumstances surrounding the censure vote. 

The Washington Post article continues a few paragraphs later  writing:

While Democrats often sought to portray Gosar’s actions as deliberate incitement and even a threat, there is no question that careless rhetoric and allusions to even figurative violence can influence the decisions of people who would resort to actual violence. We have seen where that can potentially lead, regardless of whether specific and repeated suggestive comments about violence by a politician like Donald Trump lead to people taking up arms.

There is an election on the horizon and I believe there needs to be some serious housecleaning--on both sides!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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