Sunday, November 14, 2021

State Cross Country Finals - Not for the Weak

Ethan 1 km from the Finish
Hereford, MD
November 13, 2021
 I must confess, although Ethan has run cross country for the past two years, I never really appreciated the sport until yesterday.

Yesterday was the State of Maryland Finals for Cross Country. It was quite an event with hundreds of harriers from across the state gathered at one high school for the finals. It was a sight to see.

What was more impressive were the throngs of fans, mostly parents and grand parents who made their way to the competition and braved the cold rain and temperatures to cheer their competitors. It was weather that makes the stoutest of heart faint considering the runners were wearing only shorts and running shirts. They made me cold looking at them in the mud and the cold rain. And when I say cold, my watch indicated the temperature was 43 degrees. 

The rain was unrelenting for the entire run. The mud was becoming a problem on the course and for the spectators watching the event. The boys did a great job running. Ethan runs for Arundel High and they are the team in green in the middle of the start. The Arundel High team placed 10th overall and Ethan was 4th on the team.

Braving the rain and the cold--what a day, what a race, and I have a new appreciation for the sport.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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