Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Week One - Done

It was only a week ago that President Biden was sworn-in, but I feel that the mood in the country is already improving. 

Civility has returned to the White House. Despite the efforts of the right-wing disinformation machine, progress is being made and America is reengaging with the world and tits Allies. No, it is not Pax Americana, but the tone and tenor of communications from the highest office in the land is reasoned and inclusive.

The COVID-19 battle is underway with a strategy and competent leadership to fill the void left by the previous administration. After only a week it is hard to point to much progress, but positive things should begin happening soon as the new policies and plans begin to take effect.

NBC News published a comprehensive list of the executive actions already taken by the administration in its first seven days on the job. 

I have seen that some have made the news for the problems that they may cause, but some of those focusing on problems are ignoring the larger body of good being dome--the problems can be corrected within the context of the broader positives of the actions. 

Week One is done. I remain encouraged.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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