Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy Friday


Friday has arrived. 

Usually on Friday's at work there is a bit of excitement at the prospect of the weekend and some exciting plan. But, COVID has robbed us of that. No longer do I dream of heading off to some new place or returning to visit a favorite place. Or even driving north to visit family. These weekends are stretching into a COVID bland string of days. 

At least this weekend the NFL will provide some entertainment. But after a while the games become the same--devolving into moments of action punctuated by minutes of commercials. 

Maybe the the wine group will have Happy Hour tonight--by Zoom. There is something unsatisfying about a Zoom Happy Hour because the discussion between seven people can only be about one thing at a time rather than having multiple discussions happening all at once. And then there is the wine--I like being able to enjoy multiple wines and talking about the structure, taste, and one of each of them. It is hard to share a bottle of wine across cyberspace. More importantly though--we are all happy to be able to be together and break the monotony of another COVID week.

The pandemic remains unchecked. The infection rates and the numbers of Americans dying from the virus continue to be at levels no one would ever believe and the toll on their families is unbearable. The government is totally ineffective and even the vaccine program has been so underplayed that it us an embarrassment. 

It has been quite a week, however, and reflecting on what has transpired and how it will affect our country. I won't recount it--suffice it to write that I never saw what happened coming. 

But regardless--Happy Friday. 

Our happiness what we make it.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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