Friday, January 22, 2021

First Impressions

President Biden and Vice President Harris
The new administration is off and running. I have been encouraged by some of the first actions--repairing what was torn asunder and attempting to actively Marshall forces to defeat COVID-19.

We needed a COVID-19 plan-and we finally have one. I have not read it yet--but I have included the link to the plan above. Having a cogent plan does not guarantee success, but it gives the country a place to begin. With over 4,000 Americans dying each day, something needed to change.

Given that I am not traveling much these days, I suppose I will have the opportunity to read the plan in detail. 

I believe the new administration is off to a good start. I found it funny that there was no discussion of crowd size at the inauguration. But, I do thing there were more flags than at the previous inauguration.  I am excited about the openness and preparedness that is being shown by the new administration. The two months between Election Day and Inauguration Day were put to good use. 

As an aside--

I did find it interesting that China slapped sanctions on 28 Trump administration officials. A parting shot. 

China Slaps Sanctions On 28 Trump Administration Officials  - NPR

And hopefully, we are off into the weekend!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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