Tuesday, January 19, 2021

COVID-19 Escape


S22i Studio Cycle in Patagonia, Argentina
My Ride
January 18, 2021
My S22i NordicTrack Studio Cycle continues to get significant use now after over one month of ownership. To be honest, I have only missed cycling two days and I am really enjoying the escape form reality that it provides. Just this week I have cycled in Norway, the toughest ride so far, and Argentina! Seriously, Sunday in Norway and Monday in Patagonia, Argentina. 

The cycle is the perfect COVID-19 escape. For between 30 and 50 minutes each day I escape to the open road and view some beautiful scenery and get my butt kicked by some really in shape trainer as I struggle to climb mountains or race on an open road. 

Yesterday I rode around a lake in Patagonia, complete with hill climbs. I have been wearing my Apple Watch and tracking the workout and my heart rate. I have been getting some very strenuous workouts--and enjoying them while enjoying some great scenery. So fay, I have ridden in Glacier National Park; North and South Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway; Fairbanks, Alaska; a route I built in Florida, and sampled Norway and Argentina.  Glacier National Park and the Carolina series were both 12 separate rides each. 

The ultimate escape while working to improve fitness.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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