Saturday, November 9, 2019

Mindlessly Watching Coconuts

Sailboat off Jupiter Island Beach
November 7, 2019
Until yesterday, Chris and I had were visiting the beach twice per day. Once in the morning for a walk and then again in the afternoon just to sit and watch the waves roll up onto the beach. Yesterday, however, we devoted ourselves to completing projects around the house--fixing leaky bolts on a toilet, hanging new blinds, putting a new sweep on the main door, and hanging a coat rack. Because of the projects, we decided not to hit the beach during the afternoon and went, instead, to the condo association pool. It was nice to get into the pool and cool off after a day of work. 

Coconut in the Surf
Jupiter Island, Jupiter, FL
November 7, 2019
When we are at the beach we find an assortment of things to watch. Sailboats often transitive horizon, but the other day it was a coconut that caught our attention. The coconut was playing in the surf; washing up onto the beach and rolling back into the waves. The coconut made its way along the beach and then came back. The pattern was repeated a few times as it seemed that the combination of the wind and the tide were keeping the coconut confined to one stretch of beach. After a while, another coconut arrived and played in the surf with the first one. But, for some reason, that coconut continued down the beach and out of sight while the first coconut remained. Maybe the chemistry was not quite right between them?

Mindlessly watching coconuts in the surf releases the stress-causing thoughts that fill my everyday life. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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