Thursday, November 7, 2019


Rising Sun Over the Chesapeake
From a Southwest Airlines Jet
November 6, 2019
Chris and I departed yesterday on a pre-dawn flight to escape the impending cold of Maryland and enjoy a last gasp of summer in Florida. We arrived at our Tequesta home before 10AM. Yesterday was a very special travel day--When was the last time you were on a flight and only had 25 passengers in a jet designed for 147? For Chris and I it was yesterday flying from Baltimore to Palm Beach International. When we boarded the aircraft the crew told us to take a row!

Pelicans in Formation
Jupiter Island Beach, Jupiter Florida
November 6, 2019
Arriving home in Tequesta was a great experience. Although we had to encourage a few renegade geckos to change residences, the house was in great shape. Getting the car started was a problem, but a new battery, delivered and installed by AAA, solved that problem. Once we finally arrived at the beach for a relaxing afternoon, the stress of the past few weeks and of the early travel day drained away and we were greeted by our beach friends--the pelicans and the ospreys. 

Beach Sand Ridge
Jupiter Island Beach, Jupiter, FL
November 6, 2019
As we expected, the geography of the beach has changed a bit as a result of the hurricane near miss and recent storms. The beach is smaller, but still not crowded. There is a ridge of sand from where the ocean has begun to reclaim the shore. The water was green and rough. It was also warm! While I did not go swimming because of the pounding surf and high waves, I was able to wade in the water and enjoy the ocean at my feet. 

Looking East from Jupiter Island
November 6, 2019
I took some nice images of the beach and the ocean. The rough waves made for good subject material. I enjoyed the pounding surf, but the erosion suffered by the beach has been extensive. Chris and I saw many different treasures along the shoreline--including a wide variety of sponges which have been ripped from their moorings. For some reason, none of the sponges seemed picture-worthy and so there are no images to share. 

We are excited about being in Florida for the next two weeks. I had to chuckle when the weathermen were enthused about the prospect of cooler temperatures arriving during the next few days. What is wrong with mid-80's? I enjoyed the warm day on the beach. At least the cooler temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 70's. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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