Friday, November 22, 2019

Final Mowing of the Season

Last evening I mowed the lawn!
Ornamental Bush
Elkridge, MD
November 21, 2019

Freshly Mowed Lawn
Elkridge, MD
November 21, 2019
For real on the 21st of November the lawn needed to be mowed to prepare it for winter. The grass had grown and in fact the lawn looks better right now than it looked all summer. The lawn is green--it is just crazy that I had to mow the lawn during November. But, even though it was cold, I had fun realizing that this will likely be the last mowing of 2019. 

After the mowing was complete and the tractor placed in the shed, I took a picture of the lawn and one of the ornamental bushes. The bush takes on the fire red color of the season. We are lucky in that we have not had any snow. The temperatures are cold, but snow, thus far, has not made its way into the region. 

Autumn is sliding into winter. The nights are getting longer and colder. The green lawn reminds me that spring and summer are coming again.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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