Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday Musings - July 2, 2018

1. Happy July! June is over and we have slid into the second half of the year. 

Late Afternoon Looking up the Drive
Radio Flyer
July 1, 2018
2. I spent over four hours watching a baseball tournament yesterday in the almost intolerable heat. I was amazed that to boys played a well as they did. Sadly, in tournaments only one team can advance and our guys came up one-run short in their semifinal game.

3. I was able to get Radio Flyer up for a few brief flights over the weekend. Nothing spectacular but it was good to be i the air again.

4. With July's arrival, the retirement party season is completed! Now it is onto retirement for Chris.

5. There is nothing better than falling into the pool on a hot July day to cool off.

6. The mid-week break for Independence Day should be interesting and fun. It is rare to have a holiday on a Wednesday.

7. Ice. Who forgot to bring the ice? I was amazed at how much ice gets used at a party.


As Bolton Says North Korea Could Disarm in a Year, Reality Lags Promises - The New York Times

A bad week for Democrats gives rise to a big problem: Outrage could become an obstacle in midterms - The Washington Post

Chicken of the trees: Eating Florida's iguanas - The Orlando Sentinel

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"You know, the story, as I say, will continue. Every time we place our hand over our heart and pledge allegiance to the flag, we'll be reminded that our most precious inheritance is freedom and that history has bestowed on our nation the unique responsibility for its protection."

Remarks at a Flag Day Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland, June 14, 1985

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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