Friday, July 6, 2018

5 Day Weekend

A Full Pool from Radio Flyer
July 5, 2018
I am enjoying the middle part of a five-day weekend. With the holiday on Wednesday, it seemed natural to take leave for Thursday and Friday and effectively create a five-day weekend.

Boys Having Fun
July 5, 2018
That of course follows the four-day weekend that I created last week, meaning that I will have worked two days during an eleven day stretch! I call that a great mid-summer holiday. It was needed since our vacation is not until late August.

Yesterday was another hot pool day. 

We had some extra boys around to enjoy the water and it was a wild day. 

I flew Radio Flyer to capture the scene of six boys filling the pool with fun and sounds.

I also put together a short of Ethan taking shots at the basketball hoop in the yard on earlier in the week. I used Radio Flyer to get the video. 

It has been a busy and fun time around the house. 

On tap for the future? Golf! Definitely some golf this morning and again, hopefully, on Sunday. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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