Thursday, May 24, 2018

Out the Hotel Window - Springfield, OH

Springfield, Ohio
May 24, 2018
Another day, another city it seems on this trip. 

It is very different being in a hotel on an interstate than it is being in a plush downtown location. The view out my window is a rugged criss section of middle-America. Even the Bob Evans! The early morning, just before sunrise shot captures the essence of the area. 

Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport
Delta Boarding Area
May 23, 2018
My traveling partners and I ate at a local Bar-be-que place near the hotel last evening. The ribs fell off the bones and it was certainly authentic.

It was much nicer than that chaos associated with boarding the aircraft in Atlanta. I fly Southwest frequently. I can assure you that the line-up in groups concept that Delta uses is vastly inferior to Southwest's. It was total chaos in a very busy airport with stanchions that did not allow enough room for everyone to line up. They really need to take a look at the way they execute the boarding process.

It was a crazy, long day.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Springfield, OH

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