Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cayuga Lake Wineries

Sheldrake Point Winery
May 18, 2018
During our short weekend visit to upstate New York, I of course had to visit a couple of my favorite wineries. Our house white wines are from Americana Winery and Sheldrake Point Winery. So I visited both yesterday in the rainy weather that followed me from Maryland.

Chris and I of course have our favorite wines from both, however I was disappointed to find that both were out of the wines that I was seeking.

At Americana our favorite table white is Apparition. It has been immensely popular and I was able to purchase the last four bottles. They are bottling more next week I was told. Yay. I added eight bottles of Riesling to round out the case.

The news was not so good at Sheldrake Point. Our favorite white table wine from there has been Luckystone White. I was informed that this wine is no longer produced and there were no more bottles to purchase. I tasted the Pinot Gris and decided that it was a very nice substitute. And so, I was able to obtain a case to refill the wine cellar.

The image is of Sheldrake Point. I was able to fly Radio Flyer during a break in the oppressive weather. I obtained some nice shots of the lake and the vineyards as well.

— Bob Doan, writing from Ithaca, NY

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