Friday, May 18, 2018

I Feel as if I have Moved

The rains of the past few days has been pervasive. The gray skies with their constant rain are sucking the energy out of the area and turning traffic into a nightmare. 

From the Seattle Weather blog
I feel as if I have moved to Seattle, where rain is expected daily.

Traffic gets completely slowed with multiple jams during rainy times. It really causes a mess on already too full highways. Too many cars traveling too slowly. It increases a usually 20 minutes trip home from work to 40 or 45 minutes of frustrating driving.

The Forecast for Today and Tomorrow for Elkridge, MD
Can you spell rain?
Aside from the nightmare on the highway, there are the canceled activities. This week the GORC Dodgers have seen both of their games canceled and it is likely that tomorrow's game will similarly be canceled due to poor field conditions, continuing precipitation, and thunderstorms.

In good news, the pool is clearing nicely and is ready to accept activity. All we need now are sun and warmer temperatures to arrive and let the good times begin to roll!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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