Friday, March 2, 2018

Travel Days

Pikes Peak
March 1, 2018
The view I should have had from my hotel window
Weather! I think I write about it too much, but it seems to be everywhere.

There is a Nor'easter raging on the coast and flights are being canceled on a regular basis. My flight, however, apparently is still on schedule. As I write this it is three hours before take-off. The cancellation, if there is one, should come about one hour before flying after I am trapped in the airport and can be precessed as just another piece of SLC (self-loading cargo).

Hotel Window View
Denver, CO
March 1, 2018
Sometimes I think the airlines forget that passengers are people, too. 

But, I do want to arrive and so I have to understand safety of flight procedures are more important than my insignificant schedule.

Upon my return to Denver last evening, I was greeted with a brown view out of my hotel window. Spring is not quite here yet. 

I hope that the green returns soon.

-- Bob Doan, writing form Denver, CO

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