Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Nor'easter

I am happy to report that I successfully traveled from  Denver to Baltimore yesterday. My Southwest flight was on time--which is almost a rarity these days and with the exception of the final about 20 minutes of the flight it was a normal flight in terms of turbulence.

The final 20 minutes were mildly exciting as the jet was buffeted by the winds of the nor'easter. The airport changes the active runway while the aircraft was in the approach and so the time exposed to the blustery winds was a bit longer, but I have to admit--it was not the worst ride I have experienced in the air by a long shot.
The Nor'easter destroys our Tiki Bar

And the landing? Well, I was expecting the jet to slam onto the runway, but despite a huge gust just as we were about to touchdown, the pilot greased the landing and the entire plane erupted in applause. In terms of actual contact with the runway it was one of the best landings ever. Much better than the carrier style landing I experienced upon arrival in Denver earlier in the week. 

At home, things were not so good. The high wind gusts destroyed our tiki bar as well as dropping many branches form the trees. But, other things were generally well. Chris and I had thought the tiki bar was about at the end of its useful life and the storm confirmed that decision.

The winds continue this morning, but the day is dawning bright.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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