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Jimmy Buffett in Baltimore

Jimmy Buffett in Baltimore
March 30, 2018
It had been a great couple of days. Thursday was Orioles Opening Day and last evening Chris and I made our first ever visit to a Jimmy Buffett concert.
Jimmy Buffett

The concert, admittedly, was held in one of my least favorite venues, the Royal Farms Arena, but the evening and the music overcame the too numerous to count shortcomings of the location.

The concert, however, was fabulous. Even the opening act, Caroline Jones, was a pleasure to listen to for the 25 minutes she was on stage. 

Inconsiderate Youths
Once Jimmy and the band took the stage, they never relinquished it until the even was, all too quickly, over. They performed for just over two hours and did all the greats. I was amazed when I realized that Jimmy Buffett is about 72 years old and he is still filling concert halls to hear his special brand of music. The age of the concert goers was similar. Most everyone sitting around me appeared eligible for Social Security, with the exception of two inconsiderate young ladies in front of us.  

It is not the money, mind you, but tickets to this concert were not inexpensive. These two ladies stood all evening, even when the rest of the crowd sat. They blocked my view of the stage. It was most annoying and continues to be one of the reasons that I am not a more frequent concert goer--inconsiderate patrons. At a baseball game the ushers take care of such problems, at the concert there was not an usher in sight and the young ladies would not respond to requests to sit and let those behind them see clearly.

Jimmy Buffett concert
Back to the concert, however. The setlist was well constructed and the acoustics were good and the music was not too loud. The songs evoked a summertime feeling that will carry with me until I am in Florida again. I did enjoy especially It's Five O'clock Somewhere and of course Margaritaville. 

This was an old-style concert where the performer stands in front of the crowd surrounded by his band an just plays the songs that made him great! Nothing more was required and there were no pyrotechnics or loud noises. No laser light shows, just big screens so that we could see the concert despite the girls in front of me. The backgrounds one the screens changed and were nicely choreographed with the music.

The test for any event I attend is answering the question, would I do it again? 

Yes! Next time he is in town I expect to be there. It was a great night.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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