Thursday, March 1, 2018

Out the Hotel Window - Colorado Springs Feb 2018

Colorado Springs
February 28, 2018
Sometimes you get a view of the mountains and sometimes you get a view of the parking lot.

I got the parking lot view for my one night stay in Colorado Springs.

I also got a ground floor room. I will try to avoid that in the future.

The scenery is just not much to look at from the gourd floor through the screen. Ugh.

The trip is going well. The days have been busy and I enjpyed a Brazilian steakhouse last evening, Tucanos. It was enjoyable and affordable. Affordable being the operative word.

Hopefully, today will be just a good as the other days of the trip. I hear there is weather brewing that may delay my departure tomorrow--hopefully, that does not happen. Getting home is the best part of any trip.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Colorado Springs, Colorado

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