Thursday, May 25, 2017

Society Under Attack

The terrorist attack at the concert in Manchester, England, earlier this week is raising many questions about the fabric of society and the motives of a group that would focus an attack on children.

A New York Times op-ed piece titled When Terrorists Target Children, discusses the possible motives for the attack and one thought is particularly chilling: 

"Meanwhile, as hard as it is amid the shock and the mourning, it is important to recognize this attack for what it is: an attempt to shake Britain — and, by extension, the rest of Europe and the West — to its core, and to provoke a thirst for vengeance and a desire for absolute safety so intense, it will sweep away the most cherished democratic values and the inclusiveness of diverse societies."

Inclusiveness and civility are the intended victims of the attack. 

I was encouraged, while listening to the news last evening, that many performers are keeping to their original concert schedules despite the significantly increased terrorist threat. Protecting the fabric of society, especially when reacting to terrorism is critical. 

The article this morning goes on to write: 

Understanding is critical. The quickest way for open societies to lose the freedoms they enjoy and the Islamic State seeks to destroy would be to whip up divisive ethnic, racist and religious hatreds. 

We must stand strong. The forces of anarchy and hatred want to bring civilization to their level and we must resist. We must protect our freedoms and inclusiveness.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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