Thursday, May 4, 2017

Electric problems, Decks, Faucets, Pools, Doors

Sometimes my life is defined by projects. 

During the past few days I have become the ultimate handyman. A veritable Tim the Toolman!

Over the weekend I troubleshot and fixed an annoying electrical problem. That took seven hours of my life that I will not get back. But I had success!

Then I gave some advice on a deck project that I will be assisting with in the next few days. It is going to be a great project and since is not my deck, I know I will enjoy the project much more.

Sandwiched in between
Pool Cover Remains
was a new faucet for a sink. It is sad that replacement parts are not readily available and that a whole new faucet was required, but kitchens need faucets. 

I was reminded of this time last year when we were without a sink in the kitchen for a few weeks. 

The pool was supposed to be opened this weekend, but the weather makes it seem as if I will push it back a week. If the temperatures are going to be in the 50's, it does not make sense to open the pool.

And then there is the door. We have a cranky door. Tonight we are getting an estimate to replace it. 

I am sure there will be another project to add to the list soon! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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