Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Summer is free to begin!
With the Cover Partially Off

Dark and Foreboding Pool
The pool is open and clearing nicely with the help of copious quantities of chlorine. It actually looks pretty good from a standing start.

I was amazed at how much silt was at the bottom from the winter of rain, wind, and some snow.

Hopefully, with temperatures in the 90's during the next couple of days we will be swimming in the pool by the weekend. 

Cover Drying in the Drive
Toad in the Hose Box
It was an all day job, but the weather was perfect. It was almost relaxing to be working outside in the warm weather with the pool. The whole process went very well and there we no major issues.

I did find a new "friend" hiding in the hose box. A fairly large toad stayed in the cool damp shade all day. I admit, I was a bit startled when I noticed that it was camped out in with the hose. It stayed in place all day despite my frequent visits. 

Almost Ready for Action
The Morning After
This morning the pool looks almost good enough to jump into and swim! It is amazing what an overnight can do. 

Bring on summer!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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