Thursday, March 30, 2017

This is Making America Great, Again?

Smoggy Afternoon in Beijing
Consider this: China may be pushing the united States to keep its promises to ensure a cleaner environment.

Sound fanciful? 

I have read about the suffocating air pollution in Beijing and the general disregard for the environment through out industrialized China. But in the united states we are different and more environment friendly.

Wrong, it appears. 

This morning's New York Times in an article titled, China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump's Move to Undo Policies suggests that the roles of the world's two biggest producers of greenhouse gasses may soon switch. 

The New York Times article closes with the following:

“There are clear differences between the Chinese approach and the Trump administration on climate change,” Ms. Hilton said. “While Trump’s administration seems to believe that action on climate change is a waste of money and threatens jobs in the U.S., China sees investment in climate-related action as essential to secure a safe and prosperous future for Chinese citizens, as well as a strategic opportunity to develop and supply the technologies of the future.” 

Note: Isabel Hilton, founder of Chinadialogue, a prominent website that reports on environmental issues and policy.

In my mind, making America Great Again means taking the lead on planet-wide issues that will affect the health and prosperity of future generations, not increasing the country's use of 19th Century energy sources that, I have heard, caused the streetlights of come on at midday in some coal burning cities like Pittsburgh. 

Climate change and especially global warming is not a theory--it is a fact. If the U.S. turns back the clock on environmental controls the green movement will soon change colors and fade to brown.

Making America great means leading the charge to protect the planet and make the world a better place, not mortgaging the prosperity and health of future generations for profits today. 

I guess that is what businessmen do, right? Work the system to turn a profit today and worry about tomorrow some other time. After all, they are only in the game for the short haul.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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