Friday, March 10, 2017

Projects Continue, Spring Teases

Patrick and Corey at Work
(errr Play)
Patrick and Corey Consulting with
The Project Director -- Chris
The Springtime project is the primary activity around the house with the flooring project being the centerpiece of evening activities for three nights now.  The first of two rooms, also the largest, is about 3/4 complete thanks to the continued help of Patrick and Corey. 

Last evening we laid 14 rows of flooring and added to the 7 rows that Chris and I laid the night before, there are now 31 of an estimated 40 rows of flooring installed in the room. It is a large room, 11' X 18' and therefore takes a lot of time. Jeremy even provided some assistance last evening helping to get some of the rows installed. 

The weekend is coming and I am hopeful completing  the project, including moving onto the last room which is significantly smaller coming in at 10' X 13'. And it is smaller than that since the closet, which I included in the total width, does not run the length of the room.

Springtime Flowers in the Garden
Springtime toys with my affections while I labor on the flooring. Yesterday the afternoon sun and warmth called to me, but I was dedicated to the project and did not even hit a golf ball to continue getting my swing ready for my first sojourn to the golf course. I am a bit depressed because the forecast for the arrival of Spring looks more like a mid-Winter festival. The temperature will not crawl back to 50 degrees until next Saturday! Who came up with that plan? 

Well, I guess it gives me a chance to finish the indoor projects before beginning on the outdoor living projects. Any thought I had of opening the pool early have clearly vanished into the forecast for cold, rain, and some snow and ice!

Winter's last gasp, hopefully.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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