Friday, March 24, 2017

First Golf Outing

Carroll Park Hole 4
March 23, 2017
I made it to a local golf course yesterday for my first outing of the year!
Trevar Working on His Swing

Fortunately, Carroll Park is close and Trevar and I made the last open tee time for the day. The course was in good winter shape. Having the grass still struggling to grow made it easier to find the balls, unlike later in the season. Being the last ones out, the ranger was pulling the pins as we made our way across the last holes. 

It was cold. The temperature was in the middle 40's as we began, but the sun was warm. By the time we finished it was just cold!

We would have finished sooner than almost two hours, but the group in front of us was playing very slowly. But then, that is why people go to Carroll Park, to learn the game. It was just cold, so that magnified the amount of time we stood around waiting for them to play.

Day one of the year on a golf course. It was great to finally drive for the fairway rather than the range, I actually missed all of them but only by a few yards. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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