Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Floors

Flooring in the Ready
For some reason, Chris and I have inaugurated a major flooring project at the house. The upstairs is in complete disarray as the remaining two carpeted rooms transition to hardwood flooring. 

This is a DIY project and I am feeling the impact of the first night's effort this morning. The first room to be transitioned was stripped of its carpet over the weekend and the flooring was retrieved from Lowe's on Monday evening.

Patrick and Corey Laying the Floor
Thankfully, Patrick and Corey were available to help get the flooring started. It took a long time to get the first line right--but the first lime is the most important. Because the flooring transitions in from the hallway, that added a great deal of complexity to getting everything set up correctly. Patrick also bought over a really nice compressor with two outlet ports, which meant that the flooring nailer and the finish nailer could stay attached and at the ready all of the time. 
End of Evening One - 10 Rows

I just realized that at the end of this project, I will have no need for my flooring nailer because there are no other floors which need transitioning from carpet to wood flooring.

The garage has a table saw and a finish saw both set up and ready. There were a lot of cuts to get the first row laid since it was not a complete board width in length. That was because it had to integrate across the threshold from the hallway.

By the end of the evening, and after a great meal fixed by Chris, 10 rows of flooring had been laid and everything was beginning to get into a good rhythm. According to my calculations, the room will be 40 rows wide and therefore, the room is 25 percent complete. It doesn't look it.

It will be awesome when the project is completed. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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