Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Take: The Debate

The first Presidential Debate between two of the candidates running for the nation's highest elected office is scheduled for tomorrow. I wish the top four candidates had been included; however, it will have to do with just two.

What am I looking for from the debate?

Leadership, integrity, context, details.

I actually can sum up my four wants in four words--but they are big words.

Leadership--one of the candidates needs to be a leader. Not a backbiting slanderer, but a leader who can rise above the muck slinging and take the shots and jabs while not responding in kind to ensure that their voice is heard as a voice of a leader amid the cacophony around them.

Integrity--this one seems to be the toughest. I am already biased that neither candidate has the integrity necessary to be the leader of the free world. Hopefully I will be surprised, but at every turn both sides have shown a propensity for fact twisting and deception.

Context--too many phrases are stolen from context to remake the world into an imaginary image. The candidates need to provide correct context for their remarks and not just make emotionally appealing or repulsive statements. 

Details--the time for the broad generalizations for programs is over. It is time to indicate how the next President will work with the Congress to enact legislation. Presidents do not pass laws and do not fund programs--the Congress does. Both candidates need to provide details of the programs and the plans to have them enacted.

It is crunch time. The polling places in some states are already open for early voting. 

My Take: It is time for this campaign to become about real issues and plans and stop focusing on the peripheral and incidental problems.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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