Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings - September 26, 2016

Makayla in Glasses
1. The first 2016 Presidential Debate is tonight--watch it. It is important. I read that one of the candidates is not preparing for the questions.

2. The Orioles swept a series against the Diamondbacks this weekend. They were also eliminated from the division race and can only make the post-season via the Wild Card route.

3. Makayla, my Keeshond  was trying to imitate my look in glasses yesterday. It worked pretty well. 

18th Green
Walden Golf Club
Crofton, MD
4. I need to say thank you to my family for the great birthday celebration. Of course, it was made a bit better because the Baltimore birds (the Orioles and the Ravens) both won their games.

5. Early morning golf yesterday. It was very cool! I had to wear a light jacket. Another sign that autumn has arrived. 

Geese at Walden Golf Club
6. There were a lot of geese on the golf course yesterday. And they were also flying around honking and generally being a nuisance.  

7. I was saddened at the announcement of the death of Arnold Palmer

8. We were invited to dinner at, a really good German restaurant right near us--The Bavarian Brauhaus. I don't know how we missed it all of these years.

9. There is rain in the forecast, finally. We are very dry. I am actually looking forward to seeing my lawn green up a bit before winter arrives.

10. It is hard to believe it, but the MLB regular season will be over by this time next week and it will be the Post-Season.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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