Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn's Arrival

Today at 10:21 AM EDT is the seasonal end to summer.

It is over.

Those lazy, hazy crazy days are a memory until next June, although we usually herald summer's arrival during May. 

As I looked at the autumn images, I noticed that the characterization of the world seems to change from green to orange and red during autumn. And then the trees go bare.

There is a Washington Post article titled Fall begins Thursday: Five questions and answers about the autumnal equinox that goes into some of the interesting and fun facts about the start of the season.

The increasing darkness has already made its presence known. The table shows the average daily loss of light by latitude (or city). I'm glad that I am not in Alaska! But the days are shortening to the point where trying to get in a round of golf after work is impossible. I'm lucky to get nine holes in, although in reality I haven't been able to get to a course after work for a few months. Losing about 2m 30s of daylight per day means that I won't be playing evening golf again until May.

Yesterday I arrived at work during darkness and soon, I will be going home in darkness.

Another year is heading to a conclusion. I can already feel the cold winds of winter waiting just off stage to make their presence felt.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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