Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Take: Spewing Hatred

The reaction by Americans and the world to the massacre in Orlando has been widely reported.

Some prominent politicians, typically, have chosen to pursue their goals of achieving The White House in November by publishing and speaking about their views and reactions. I found it interesting the The Washington Post managed to be uninvited to one candidate's rallies after publishing a series of stories about his lack of empathy for the victims. He even continues to profess policies that are clearly unconstitutional.

I have a news app on my iPhone that searches and returns headlines for my review. The number and variety of articles about Orlando is truly amazing and more than one writer has pointed out the nexus of three volatile topics facing our society: terrorism, guns, and homosexuality. 

From the articles and commentaries that I have read about Orlando, it is clear that these topics surely have struck a chord.

One of the worst and most disturbing comments about Orlando have come, sadly no surprise, from a reportedly Baptist minister in Arizona. This "pastor" was spewing the most virulent of attacks and lack of empathy for the victims. He truly gives Christians a bad name for their narrow-mindedness and lack of grace and mercy. I would quote his statements, however, I am appalled that such insensitive words could come from the mouth of a person professing to be a Christ follower.

The victims are people. Our brothers and sisters. They need love, support, and empathy because their lives and relationships have been shattered. Whether we agree or disagree with lifestyle choices, spewing virulent hatred is not helpful. Nor is using the hurt and anguish of the victims to pursue political gain.

My Take: Why does there always need to be an angle other than to love one another?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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