Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Take: When did We Stop Being Great?

I received a telephone call from one of the Presidential candidates asking me for money to help make America great again.

When did we stop being great?

When did we stop having the most powerful and flexible military in the world? 

When did we stop having the premier economy in the world?

When did the dollar stop being used for almost every major international transaction around the world?

I am tired of the implication that we have lost something.

We still have the mojo. And I am concerned that we are going to lose greatness by persecuting specific ethnicities. That is not the America that I envision and to which I am committed. 

The campaign has already turned ugly. Right now, the main difference that I see between the presumptive nominees of each party is gender. They are equally as extreme and both use the same political tactics.

Neither is trying to build America and both are trying to destroy the opposition.

My Take: If the candidates would focus upon their vision to govern this diverse democracy in an inclusive manner, the character flaws of the other candidate would soon become evident and the electorate would finally see a clear choice. As it is now, they are too much alike.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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