Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Take: Thank You is so Hard to Say

Perhaps it was because it was the holiday season and there were so many more opportunities to say the words, "Thank You," but it became apparent to me that they are some of the hardest words in the English language.

Some people just cannot say "thank you" at all. They may say volumes of words trying to express their feeling of gratitude, but they never actually say the words themselves.

The are also those people who say "thank you" but then add a volume of qualifiers which make the giver feel like they really are not grateful for the gift. And I have even had people say so much after trying to say "thank you" that I felt guilty for the gift or the act of kindness. And often the offer to pay me for my time or cost involved with the activity. If I wanted to be paid, it wouldn't be a gift.

There are of course others who do not say "thank you" in any form at all.  The don't even try to say anything resembling "thank you" because apparently it would acknowledge weakness. They are the entitled ones who believe that what was given was owed them. There are more and more of these people every day who do not appreciate the efforts of others. It is say.

My Take? I like to receive and give a simple unqualified "thank you." Nothing more is needed because the receiver recognizes the efforts of the activity. Adding words only minimizes the activity or the effort. 

And when I am the giver, and someone says "thank you" I always like to respond with a simple and unqualified, "you're welcome!"

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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