Friday, January 29, 2016

January Slips Away

Amazingly, January 2016 is almost complete. It is hard to believe that the New Year just began and we have already completed the first month of the year. 


From the Blizzard
The recent blizzard and ensuing nor'easter snowfall have made getting out of January something to be remembered.

The Presidential olympics have been amped up to deafening levels and the candidates do not seem to understand--I don't want them to talk louder, or meaner, I want them to show leadership and support for the Constitution!

Primary season begins in ernest on Monday (which, according to my calendar in February 1st). It is time for the voters to begin to narrow the field a bit, or as they say in the livestock business: thin the herd.

It has been a fast January, and it is hard to believe that the decision making time is finally arriving after more than a year of posturing and positioning.

Why am I excited about February? Baseball begins again, of course. Spring Training starts with the arrival of the teams and the excitement of a new season. January was standing between the beginning of the year and Spring Training--and now that impediment has been removed. I long to hear the words, 'Play Ball!"

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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