Thursday, January 28, 2016

Into the Electoral Fray

The drama is almost underwhelming. Trump is passing on the final Republican debate before the Iowa caucasus. 

I am appalled that the other candidates are not seeing the advantage that this gives them and are complaining about his absence.

Instead of bashing other candidates, they should be taking the opportunity to clearly state what they believe in and how they will uphold the Constitution.

That does not seem to be happening. 

I want a President who, despite what they personally believe, recognizes diversity and will uphold the Constitution. That means acknowledging differences and allowing dissension. 

Trump comes across as not been able to handle dissension. Our president should not be surrounded with "yes" people. His whole reason for not attending the debate is predicated on that idea that someone wasn't fair to him. Stop whining! Lot's of people aren't fair--that is the root of dissent and disagreement. 

Other candidates are small minded because the want to bash Trump rather than describe what they believe in and stand for.

We are a society in disarray.

We want to elect people who will cater to our individual biases.

We need a uniter, and not a divider!

E pluribus unum! Out of many, one. 

Remember that!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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