Thursday, January 21, 2016

First Major Snow of the Season

Winter Storm Jonas is coming.

Expected Storm 22-24 January 2016
I was afraid that that a storm would eventually arrive to reinforce the hold of the season upon the region and it is coming in the form of Winter Storm Jonas according to the weather forecasters.

Jonas, expected to become a Nor'easter of epic proportions, is expected to slam into the region beginning tomorrow snarling travel and making life generally miserable. The grocery store shelves across the area are already showing signs of binge buying as people scurry to ensure they have enough essential supplies to endure two or three days of cabin fever.

I know that some areas, perhaps Buffalo, NY, look at 12-24" of snow and laugh considering it to be minor snow flurries, but in this region we consider it to be accumulations of apocalyptic proportions. Real "end of the world" stuff.

I'd like to say it is fun; however, it certainly will destroy any weekend plans that I had. I worry doubt travelers--for instance family members returning from a Caribbean cruise who my become stranded in Orlando. Well, hurt me, there are a lot worse places to be stranded and I myself once had to ride out a northeast snowstorm in Orlando. 

Well, with my bed imitation of a staunch New Englander, I say bring it on. Give me your best shot because I'm pretty sure I'll still be standing when the snow clears and springtime arrives.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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